For Fun – The Remedelics

Another San Marcos area banger. Keep ’em coming guys

You know I always be putting on the San Marcos locals and these kids have been super enjoyable to watch come up. You can tell this is just a group of kids having the time of their life being young and going on skate adventures. It isn’t so much a video with full parts from anyone (which I would love to see) as a random collection of hijinx and clips.

The homies vibe is just overflowing. From the way they are all in the background of each other’s clips to the way they seem to share the same Simpsons tie dye shirt. The soundtrack has some continuity as well with weird broken down versions of classic rock songs. I dig it and it fits their vibe perfectly. I love the part when a super heavy metal song comes on and then breaks for them singing happy birthday to Brannon. I also love the part here Davion slams and then Josh just yells “Shotgun” because he knows they are getting back in the van.

 I was not super familiar with anyone in the video other than Davion Gentry. His instagram is a treat (@daviongentry), he be posting clips all the time and constantly learning new shit. He has a way of skating that you can just tell he is pushing himself for that next new banger and this video is full of them. He does a Fs 360 off of this bank that is so good I had to rewind the video a few times. I’m a big fan.

Then there is Brannon Warren. Who is the most San Diego looking dude I’ve ever seen. Sleeveless shirt, checkered vans, POOKA SHELL NECKALCE shorts, and blonde surfer hair; normally I would hate it but he makes it cool as shit. It helps that he’s actually good as hell. Kids these days learning grabs and wallrides in a way that my generation never did. One time I shot a photo with him in like 2014 at Mark Park as just a random stranger and it’s been awesome to see him keep at it instead of fall off the way a lot of Mark Park kids have.

Daniel Rodriguez has a couple of clips at the OG spot Knob Hill. Before I even lived in the Marcos this spot looked like something amazing to me. Seeing my hometown friends go all the way down south and skate over this rail was part of the reason I moved to San Marcos. He is another that has gotten so good in the last year and pretty much every clip I see impresses me more than the last. I can’t wait to see what the next few years hold for this kid.

The video is a lot of fun and the b-roll and hijinx never overwhelms because it is balanced out by great skating. I hope they keep making videos together because it is great to watch and the power of friendship will take you far. Thanks for the video boys!

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