Yes My Homies

The San Marcos homies are my favorite thing about skating in this town. I’m sure every city has its group of up and coming young bucks but these are MY local up and coming young bucks and therefore I love them.

They are gnarly and have an obvious love for making skate videos. They make the most out of the spots around them, seeing things that most other people haven’t ever touched. They are the ones bondo-ing the cracks and cutting off the kinks on the rails. They have an affinity for rolling off of roofs or rolling into terrifying banks. The section of Smilers skating into the drain during the rain had me screaming at my TV “Stop it!!!!” but that’s the thrills they are after.It’s the energy of GX1000 chasing hills but for a town without any hills.

In this video alone Andy takes like 3 horrific slams from the top rope, but that’s kind of just how his skating is. Make or break. His footplant over the wall at La-Z-Boy is legendary and for that alone he is going into the history books. Ozy has the same mysterious power found in greats like Heath or Shorty’s Steve Olsen. He will sit on the sidelines and then just do something crazy perfectly. He didn’t have that period of potential, he just woke up one day and was incredible.

In addition to the skating the video is filled with hijinx. The kid with the airsoft gun shooting smilers as he bonlesses off the roof and they play the voice message of the guy complaining about “Mexican kids on the fucking roof” is instant classic.

These kids are are filled with a love of skating that is contagious and I am so lucky that they are from my neighborhood crushing all the spots I see everyday. Today San Marcos, tomorrow the world.

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