Vincent Milou – Check Out

Vincent is the first french person I have ever met and he did not disappoint. He is so good that he doesn’t even know what he can do. He was doing a wallride seen in this part and after sticking a few of them said “I’ve never done a wallride.” His style has all the clean that comes with Europeans and he gets down to business. His globe part was cool but it was all across the atlantic and it’s fun to see him murder spots here in Cali.


June Saito – Fun Wheels

June is the most unskateboarder skater ever. He is totally in his own little world of insane manual combos. These combos are seriously insane. I think ive beem desensitized to it from skating with him so much, I just say “oh thats some June shit” but seriously he is crazy. I would love to do just ONE backside flip fakie manual close to as good as him.

Matt Erlandson – Finesse Commercial (2014)

The repeatedly stated goal of ETB is to hype the homies up. to fuel the fire.I was listening to Dipset and and realized I could still be putting on for the squad even harder. I think those dudes be feeding off each other. They are all probaly listening to each other more than any outside influences and that is so sick. Truman Hooker down in PB is a fucking legend, but he and his CREW IN THE TRENCHES is doing the same thing. They wake up everyday and just feed off each other and promote each other. It doesn’t hurt when your group is on top, but you just feed back into it. Anyways, here is Matt fucking ripping. That nollie flip is so gosh dang diddly insane. I love straight long nollie flips and this one is a greatest hit from a great nollie flipper.

Double Guns 3.5


I don’t like video premiers. Maybe I’m spoiled but the combination of poor viewing quality and having to deal with a bunch of drunk skateboarders makes me want to just watch it at home. Lots of great premiers have passed through the area and I have passed most of them up, no regrets. The Double Guns 4 video is the first local thing I’ve been really excited about in a while, DG was my introduction to San Marcos when I still lived in the desert. I decided to get myself out to the premier of the 3.5 promo in order to get used to these typically awkward premier events.

I was expecting a disaster, being at a brewery just had me expecting “technical difficulties” skateboarders are typically not talented audio/video technicians. Well I was wrong, completely wrong. Everything went off without a hitch. It was a full house but not too crowded that anyone’s view was blocked. The video was clear, the audio wasn’t deafeningly loud. I have to say I felt silly expecting it to fall apart, it went off smoothly.

Oh yeah, the video. It was rad and has me confident DG4 is gonna be just as good as all the others. Zack’s footage gave me the feeling of just hucking it and it got me hyped like an old zero video. There was nothing other than skateboarding in this promo. With so much padding from visual effects, slow mo, skits, any number of things used to pad a video this was straight up tricks and I appreciated the no nonsense.

Over here at ETB we are huge fans of Tim Tom. Even though a lot of this footage I’ve already seen, that’s probably because I am a connoisseur of Tim footage. Some of his tricks could be watched 100x over anyways because they are so clean. He is like the San Marcos Tiago. I legit can’t wait to see his part and what song he picks. A full-length homie video getting love with a real premier is a rare thing in 2017 and how excited I am about it goes to show how important that can be. I still haven’t even watched the new TWS vid, but I’ve already watched tis promo a few times.

Muffin – Double Guns 3

With Double Guns 4 premiering this next week I am excited. The Double Guns videos were the perfect example of a crew of guys just putting together homie videos for the love. Ive been lucky enough to meet most everyone involved over the years and I am stoked they are pushing it stil with a 4th video. Im gonna be freaking out over Tim Tom tricks in the theatre. Premiering June 11th at the Avo theater in Vista 7pm.