Congrats on the board Christian!


When I first heard Christian Flores got a board from Finesse with his name on it, I did a double take. But then I thought about it and it made sense. Christian is a professional in every sense of the word. He can sit in a lawn chair at the spot and as soon as its time to get serious he throws the headphones in and is ready to jump. He does graphics for Finesse and reviews skate shoes on ride channel, and seems like the kind of guy who wouldn’t cuss around children unless they really deserved it. Congrats my man!

Hugo Lagunas – 2014

I talk up a lot about supporting the homies and how local is the best, but do I really live it? Well here is some love for Hugo just because he is a San Marcos G. Hugo went down a different path than most with his trick selection, first he learned to do the most text book 360 flips every try, then took a sharp left turn and started started doing tricks no one does regularly, like fakie one foots and airwalks. By far my favorite of the Skate Juice guys, I hope he gets a full part if they make another video.

Sean Malto SB Elite Squad

Skateboarding in 2016 left me with a hangover for anything where you plant your foot on the ground or look like you are having too much “fun” I’ve been enjoying much more technical skateboarding. The kind that takes more skill and time than the dork tricks passing as worthy of being filmed. This Malto part came out today and it is perfect Malto, even after that horrific ankle injury a while back he is as smooth as ever. Nollie flip up a ledge frontside had me moist and the nollie flip front 5050 the stucco hubba finished me off. Even the song reminds me of a song he would actually enjoy, not just something funny or current.

Ryan Gallant – First Love

I’ll admit I’ve been fanning out a bit on Gallant lately. He lives somewhere around me and because he is recovering from knee surgery he is mostly skating parking lots and curbs. The same parking lots and curbs that are right around me!!! We have run into him a couple times and I am always a bit starstruck. This part always comes to mind when i think of my favorite Trans world parts.

Arto Saari – Mind Field

When I started making this blog, a big part of it was to be able to repost skating that I liked and could watch in one place, but 2016 was so bad in terms of skate videos that I have actually stopped watching as much footage online. Instead I have been digging back into the vault and watching good ol’ full length videos. Mind Field has come up a few times, Health’s part, JJ before he realized how cool he was, Grant Taylor before he went full Anti-Hero, But this Arto part is so good. At the time I felt that Arto was getting past his prime, but looking back now this is a paerfect Arto part with those loooooooong front boards and lipslides that only he can do.